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There are now two new national polls that have Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders leading the pack of Democratic presidential candidates. Sanders gets 32-percent in an ABC News/Washington Post poll. That's a jump of eight points since late January.        Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg takes the stage for the first time tonight as Democratic presidential candidates get ready for a debate in Las Vegas. Bloomberg made a late entry into the race and has spent hefty amounts of money on advertising. Other Dems have accused billionaire Bloomberg of trying to buy the nomination.        Immunity given to tech companies on the Internet is the subject of a workshop hosted by Attorney General Bill Barr. Section 230 of the Communication Decency Act says no provider or user of a computer service shall be treated as the publisher or speaker of information added by another content provider. The law was passed back in 1996, but Barr said in his opening remarks that no one back then envisioned that a few tech companies would control so much of the Internet.        Chinese health officials say the number of people who recovered from COVID-19 is more than the number infected by the coronavirus for the first time since the outbreak began. There were more than 18-hundred patients released from hospitals after surviving the illness yesterday. There were 75 fewer new infections.       Rapper Pop Smoke is dead. The up and coming star was reportedly shot and killed in Hollywood Hills this morning during what TMZ is calling a home invasion by two men. Officials say the men fired several shots and took off before first responders were seen carrying Pop Smoke out on a stretcher while performing life saving measures.        U.S. producer prices are rising. The Labor Department said today the half-percent increase in the producer price index last month is the biggest since October 2018. The jump is also much higher than what economists had expected at just zero-point-one-percent.