The White House says House Republicans are marching the U.S. to a "reckless" government shutdown. Press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre told reporters today the party can't even agree on how to fund the government or the military. She said they need to stop playing political games with people's lives and abide by the bipartisan funding deal made in May between Speaker McCarthy and the White House.       Two adults are dead and five students are in critical condition after a charter bus carrying members of a high school marching band rolled down an embankment in New York. Governor Kathy Hochul said Thursday's incident left more than 40 people injured. It happened in Orange County as the bus was going from Long Island's Farmingdale High School to band camp in Pennsylvania.       The mayor of a Texas border town says they're flooded with thousands of migrants. Mayor Rolando Salinas Jr. of Eagle Pass has declared a state of emergency in the town, where he says over 25-hundred migrants crossed over the Rio Grande on Wednesday to get into the U.S. City officials say they have only one shelter to accommodate the migrants, and that many have been released onto the streets.       A lawsuit against Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital is playing out in a Florida courtroom. The Kowalski family, the subject of a "Netflix" documentary, is suing the hospital for more than 200-million dollars after the state removed ten-year-old Maya from their custody in 2016. Maya's mother took her own life after they were separated for three months.       A new study suggests a link between diet soda and autism. Researchers at the University of Texas Health Science Center found that pregnant moms who drank one can a day were more likely to give birth to a child who is on the spectrum. Dr. Sharon Fowler says the study looked specifically at a sweetener called Aspartame.        Actor Angus Cloud's death is being attributed to an accidental drug overdose. The Alameda County Coroner's Office said he was experiencing the "combined effects of methamphetamine, cocaine, fentanyl and benzodiazepines." The "Euphoria" actor died on July 31st when Oakland police officers responded to an emergency call.