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--This will be the toughest next two weeks here in Rhode Island, I am told.  According to stories my grandparents and parents told me about how life in America was during World War Two, those war years were the last time America was as affected so harshly and completely by a single event as it is by this pandemic.  Yes, 9/11 was bad, but for shear social impact, COVID-19 has it beat.

  Back during the war, people were dying.  Lots of people were dying.  Everyone was affected.  Nobody was spared.  But as serious as it all was, people did take time to seek entertainment and get their problems off their minds temporarily. 

  We air an old time radio show daily on our station.  Many times the shows are recordings of broadcasts which took place during The War.  Comedies were very popular then.  And even though hearts were heavy with the burdens of shortages and blackouts and death, people did laugh.

  So, it was no surprise that you don’t need to go far these days to find something amusing to take your mind off your present problems.  I received an email from a rather creative guy yesterday who told me he had taken a once popular song and changed the words to it.  They call it a parody.  He provided a link to take my computer to YouTube to listen to it.  Well, not only was it funny, but while I listened other “crisis parodies” popped up on my screen urging me to listen to them, too.

  One was sung to the tune of the popular Beatles song ‘Yesterday’, and lamented how yesterday was so much simpler without travel restrictions, social distancing, and shortages of toilet paper.  Another was sung to the popular Bee Gees hit ‘Stayin’ Alive’ where the words where changed to ‘Stayin’ Inside’.  You get the idea.

  I look at each of these creative endeavors and the dozens more I didn’t mention specifically as gifts from God.  It is a mercy to be able to rest and refresh your brain now and again.


--Speaking of God and mercy.  Although it doesn’t feel like it, this is Holy Week.  Friday is Good Friday.  Sunday is Easter.

  For all the notice and celebration Christmas brings in our society it is Easter which is the more Holy of Holidays.  Yes, for hundreds of years our society has celebrated birthdays as a way to focus our gratitude that someone has joined us on planet Earth.  For Christians, however, it is the miracle of the resurrection which distinguishes Jesus Christ from all others who were born.  And Easter is the Holiday which celebrates this event.

  This Easter there will be no Easter Parade of fashion.  I’ve never been much into clothing, so I won’t miss that part.  But Easter services and a dinner with the family and relatives will be another casualty of the times, and that I will miss.

  I am happy to report that a number of restaurants in our area are stepping up to cook dinners for take-out, that’s nice.  It shows me the indomitable spirit of the small business owner.  “Don’t bother me with what I cannot do, tell me what I CAN do.”, that’s what they say.  I predict these businesses will prevail because they are being aggressive and marketing their strengths in spite of the present restrictions.  I hope you will all reward them with your purchases. 


--That's what I think. What do you think? Comments to: dave@onworldwide.com or postal mail to Dave Richards, WOON Radio, 985 Park Avenue, Woonsocket, RI 02895-6332.  Thanks for reading.









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