WOONSOCKET, RI: Athena’s Cup, created by Woonsocket native Jennifer Jolicoeur who owns the Athena’s Home Novelties business invites the public to help her charitable entity capture the Guinness World Record for ‘Longest Bra Chain’ through donating used and new bras during the upcoming City of Woonsocket’s Summer Classic Car Cruise event scheduled in the Market Square Municipal Parking Lot on Monday, August 19, 2019.

“Participating in this uniquely unusual request truly represents a revolving act of kindness with far-reaching and positive impact for so many. It is truly amazing to think that donating rather than discarding an old bra can further empower Athena’s Cup to reach its ultra-ambitious goal,” said Mayor Lisa Baldelli-Hunt. “Assisting Athena’s to achieve this historical record is a slam dunk for Woonsocket because as a community, we always come through when called upon. That is the Woonsocket way.”

The Winter Street-based entity is seeking bra donations to help it seize the title from reigning Australian champion and non-profit Citizens Who Care which received the honor in August, 2009 upon creating a chain of 166,625 bras that spanned 101.7 miles. To date, Athena’s Cup has amassed 195,000 bras but wants to collect another five thousand to ensure it strategically creates a difficult-to-defeat record.

Athena’s President Jennifer Jolicoeur estimates the assembled bra chain will extend approximately 108 miles long. The Guinness World Record Organization requires Athena’s to assemble the chain from scratch with each bra hooked to the next rather than pinned together. As a Woonsocket native, Ms. Jolicoeur wants to break the Guinness World Record right here in Woonsocket and is working in conjunction with the Mayor to determine an ideal location. for Athena’s to utilize as a potential assembly site.

"Cancer affects so many lives. Creating this chain is a tribute to every woman who has battled this disease and every person who loved or lost someone. Collecting these bras has been quite a journey. It's now time to make the chain and send a powerful message out into the world. And that message will resonate out from a place I love - my hometown - Woonsocket!," explained Ms. Jolicoeur.


During the upcoming Car Cruise event, Ms. Jolicoeur intends to display her Pepere’s silver
1958 Cadillac Coupe featuring plush candy apple red velour upholstered seats. She will be onsite to accept bra donations, discuss the Guinness World Record initiative and history of the classic car with attendees.

A breast cancer diagnosis for one of her Athena’s long-time employees inspired Ms. Jolicoeur to form Athena’s Cup in 2009 to help proactively raise funds to donate towards breast cancer research and apply to breast cancer awareness activities. In 2010, Athena’s Cup donated $20,000 to the Gloria Gemma Breast Cancer Foundation.

“Between the charitable drive, exciting record breaking and beautiful visual artistry of the many classic cars, this upcoming event offers an excellent local entertainment resource to round out this long, hot summer,” added Mayor Lisa Baldelli-Hunt.
We hope to see you on Monday, August 19 and we have scheduled an additional Car Cruise for Monday, September 9. In case of rain, the event will be held the following Monday. Similar to prior Car Cruise events, free parking is available within the City’s municipal lots.

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