Personnel Board Meeting (Agenda)

Monday, July 22nd @ 5:00 PM (Friday's newsletter listed it incorrectly at 6:30 pm. The notice was properly stated as 5:00 pm on the Secretary of State website and in the postings in Town Hall and the Annex.)

Primrose Fire Station

1470 Providence Pike

North Smithfield, RI 02896


Historic District Commission Meeting (Agenda) no agenda was listed in Friday's newsletter

Monday, July 22nd @ 6:30 PM

Heritage Hall

101 Green St

Slatersville, RI 02876


Municipal Building Review Task Force Meeting (Agenda)

Wednesday, July 24th @5:30 pm

Town Hall Conference Room

1 Main Street

Slatersville, RI 02876 (Meeting was not listed in Friday's newsletter)


There is no Parks & Recreation Committee Meeting this month (meeting was listed incorrectly for July 22nd)




Town of North Smithfield | One Main Street, P.O. Box 248, Slatersville, RI 02876



Stocks are falling on Wall Street as President Trump tells U.S. companies to find alternatives to their operations in China. The Dow Jones Industrial Average is down more than 500 points, the Nasdaq lower by nearly 180 points and the S&P 500 is down by about 55 points.       President Trump says he's ordering American companies to start looking for an alternative to China. In a series of tweets today, Trump says American companies need to consider bringing their facilities "HOME" and start making their products in the U.S. Trump also says he is ordering all U.S. postal carriers, including FedEx, Amazon, UPS and the U.S. Post Office, to "SEARCH FOR AND REFUSE all deliveries of fentanyl from China" or anywhere else.       The Nebraska Supreme Court is approving the Keystone XL oil pipeline's planned path through the state. The proposal would allow crude oil to be carried from Canada to the southern border of Nebraska, a project that has been subject to criticism since 2008. Environmental experts, Native Americans and farmers along the planned route say the pipeline will pose a threat to the fertile land and would make global climate change worse.       Construction at a West Michigan high school is designed to limit the killing potential of a mass shooter. A 48-million-dollar construction project at Fruitport High School will create curved hallways to reduce a gunman's range and eliminate the ability for a straight shot. There will jutting barriers to provide cover. Classrooms will be specifically spaced out and the doors will be able to be locked from the office.       In an effort to prove that peaceful demonstrations work, Hong Kong residents joined hands to form human chains across large parts of the city. The groups gathered along three routes in heavily populated areas of Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and the New Territories, spanning a total of 30 miles. They sang songs and chanted with many holding up cell phones to light up the lines of protesters.       Volkswagen is recalling 679-thousand U.S. vehicles with an electrical issue that could cause them to roll away. VW says to prevent roll-aways, drivers can remove the key after they stop but don't shift into park. The recall covers the Jetta, Beetle, Beetle Convertible, Golf, Golf Sportwagen, and GTI from the 2011 through 2019 model years.