Town of North Smithfield

May 6th, 2019 Special Edition





Message from

Town Administrator Gary Ezovski

Because I was absorbed with road and bridge challenges last week, some proud moments in town failed to make our newsletter and this special edition is warranted!







Though they were reported on by local media, we didn’t want to miss a chance to spotlight things that make North Smithfield a great place to live, learn, work, and play. 

First is North Smithfield High being recognized again last week by US News and World Reports. Their report is available by CLICKING HERE.


 As you can see, the school was overall ranked as number five in the state! Recognition such as that is clearly a result of outstanding efforts by our students and staff together with the guidance, support, and priorities that are set at home. Congratulations to all!



The NSHS Salutatorian and Valedictorian! Heading off to Bryant University and Providence College!

NSHS Northmen heading to a diverse set of New England Colleges!

NSHS Northmen heading to RIC!



NSHS Northmen heading to CCRI!

NSHS Northmen heading to URI!

NSHS Northmen heading to Roger Williams University!



NSHS Northmen heading off to the Air Force! She's going to the Academy, he is going enlisted. Thank you both for your dedication and service to our country!

NSHS Northmen heading out of New England and one out of the country!

NSHS Northmen heading off to Boston area schools!



NSHS Northmen heading to Salve Regina University!

NSHS Northmen heading to Bryant University!





Second, April 27th was Clean and Green Day again in NS where hundreds of volunteers spend a Saturday morning clearing public spaces of the litter that unfortunately accumulates. Despite the gray skies and damp, OK wet conditions, many tons of trash and debris were bagged for proper disposal. Our thanks to the organizing crew, every volunteer, our police, fire, public works and emergency management personnel and the businesses who sponsor the event. This was event number 17 for Clean and Green. Congratulations and thank you all for your dedication to keeping North Smithfield looking good!



Special thanks to Stanley Tree Service for providing three trucks to keep our clean up crews safe.

Thanks to Miss RI Teen Group for cleaning 1.4 miles of streets around Mendon Rd.





The Cub Scouts had 82 volunteers in 5 locations around town.





Special thanks to our sponsors and to our wonderful volunteers. Our town looks great!





Last, but not least, Saturday was Opening Day in North Smithfield. Once again, gray skies and less than dry conditions were the backdrop, but baseball came alive again with the usual parade and celebration at Pacheco Park. Our players and families were joined by Paws and Sox from the PawSox as well as the Texas Road House Armadillo and, since it was May 4, Darth Vader was present to assure the 4th was with us! We wish our players good luck as they start a new season and we thank Little League President Scott Sevegny and every league volunteer and their sponsors for the encouragement they will provide our young people. Finally, thanks also to the Parks and Recreation crew and our DPW for getting our fields into such great shape despite the “London like” weather. Play Ball!







Special Thanks to all of the NS Little League Sponsors









Town of North Smithfield | One Main Street, P.O. Box 248, Slatersville, RI 02876









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