The Friends of the Woonsocket Harris Public Library are conducting a calendar raffle to help raise money to fund all the fun and educational activities that
the library provides for its patrons.


Calendars are sold at the cost of $10 each.
Each calendar gives you a chance to win a prize on all 31 days during the month. The calendar winners will be drawn during the month of May.


Calendars can be purchased at the Harris Public Library circulation desk and from the members
of the Friends of the Library.

Cash accepted or check made payable to:
Friends of the Woonsocket Harris Public Library  

~ Thank You for supporting YOUR library! ~

The Supreme Court appears to be leaning toward allowing the Trump Administration to include a citizenship question on the 2020 census. Four of the five conservatives seemed to be open to the government's arguments during Tuesday's hearing. Democrats are claiming that adding that question to the census will lead to a large undercount of the vote, because people here illegally will not want to participate.       The Treasury Department is missing a second deadline to hand over President Trump's tax returns to Congress. Secretary Steven Mnuchin [[ mih-NEW-chin ]] is pleading for more time to allow the Department of Justice to conclude its investigation if the government must comply, or if the request is Congressional overreach. He promised to have an answer by May 6th.        Former Vice President Joe Biden is preparing to kick off his third presidential campaign with a video announcement on Thursday. Sources say he will then hold a campaign rally at a Pittsburgh union hall before touring the early voting states. Because of his name recognition, Biden is expected to be among the frontrunners in the crowded race of nearly two dozen candidates.       Boeing is hoping to get its 737 MAX jets back in the air by mid-July. The company's leaders briefed some of its customers on Tuesday, telling them that if all goes according to plan they hope the FAA will approve of its software upgrade by late May. The software is the focus in two international crashes that killed nearly 350 people.       Scientists are celebrating confirmation that Mars experiences quakes too. There had been doubt because the Red Planet does not have tectonic plates similar to Earth. The InSight lander recorded a gentle rumble on Mars on April 6th that NASA is calling for first recorded marsquake.