This is an update for the meeting: City Council Special Meeting - Nov 16 2020
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City Council Special Meeting - Nov 16 2020

A Democratic voting rights bill is not moving forward after Senate Republicans struck it down. The bill failed to get the 60 votes needed on Tuesday. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said the GOP state efforts are restrictive and suppressive.       It looks like former President Trump doesn't want to become Speaker of the House. A spokesperson for Trump told Punchbowl News he has zero interest in the role. This comes after he said it was an interesting idea when asked about it earlier this month.        Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams is taking an early lead in the race to be New York's next mayor. However, with the new ranked-choice voting, an early lead may not hold up once candidates start being eliminated. Officials say it could be a while before we learn who won.        Vanessa Bryant's lawsuit against the helicopter company that killed her husband and daughter is coming to an end. KABC reports Bryant and other plaintiffs reached an agreement in the wrongful death lawsuit involving the late basketball star Kobe Bryant. The lawsuit claimed the company and the pilot's estate should be held responsible for the incident that killed nine people in 2020.        A 37-year-old anaconda is now officially the oldest snake living in captivity. Guinness World Records decided to award Annie the anaconda the title after her former owner reached out. They originally did not have a category for an oldest snake in captivity but decided to make one special for Annie.