Icy weather is causing a headache at Texas airports today. At least 40-percent of flights originating from or heading to airports in Dallas have been canceled so far. Nationwide, FlightAware says more than 16-hundred flights have been canceled.       Home prices appear to be cooling off. A U.S. National Home Price Index released today showed prices jumped just under eight-percent in November, marking the fifth straight month of decline. Last July was the first month to see a month-over-month decrease since February 2012.       Nearly 80-percent of millennials and Gen Zers get financial advice from social media. That's according to a new survey by Forbes Advisor. Millennials tend to get financial information on Reddit while Gen Z favors YouTube.       House Democrats want more details about the budget cuts Republicans are demanding in order to raise the federal debt limit. This comes after Speaker Kevin McCarthy promised to leave Social Security and Medicare off the negotiating table. Democratic Caucus Chair Pete Aguilar said he doesn't know if he can believe the California Republican.       A man is behind bars for trespassing at former President Trump's south Florida home. Joshua Warnock was arrested earlier this month after he was found wandering around Mar-a-Lago without authorization twice in one day. Warnock is jailed without bond.       Tom Hanks and Robin Wright are going to be de-aged in a new film. The two actors will star in "Here," a movie set in a single room that follows its inhabitants over many years. The de-aging will be done using a new AI-driven tool called "Metaphysic Live."